Mary Jo Thurston
Owner / Director
License Number 

228 Adobe Road, Penngrove, CA 94951
P.O. Box 837, Penngrove, CA 94951

Our objective is to teach and encourage children in a nurturing environment. Children learn best by interacting with their surroundings. Children also reach stages of development at different points in their curriculum. Therefore, we encourage the children so they feel accomplished with their individual results. We provide a loving, fun and supportive environment in a country setting that helps children develop their social, cognitive and sensory motor skills to their fullest potential. Our teachers understand how children develop cognitively and that no two learn the same even if they are the same age, their abilities to master certain task or grasp certain concepts will be different. Our teachers have been taught that children need a variety of child centered activities to help them grow cognitively. Children should be looked at as little scientists who learn best through the exploration and investigation of world around them. Teachers need to look at all areas of development and appeal to each of the basic cognitive dimension so as to stimulate different areas of the brain and give children a "whole" learning experience.

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